The Power of Prana


Down through the centuries, Eastern mystics discovered and developed powerful techniques to rejuvenate the physical body and keep it youthful well past the age that the average human became frail.  It was a byproduct of their spiritual inclinations:  Treating mind and body as one, they sought not only divine enlightenment but also physical regeneration.  Taoist yogis and Hindu ascetics devoted their lives to studying the body and its energy system in order to keep their physical “vehicle” vital and their mind sharp in order to continue their advanced spiritual practices.

Legends abound of so-called “immortals” and centuries-old spiritual adepts who lived in caves or isolated mountaintops and possessed uncanny physical powers and remarkably youthful appearances.  As fanciful as these stories may seem to the Western mind, like various such legends, they also contain real truths—many of which were handed down from teacher to adept as “inner teachings” not revealed to the public.

For example, ancient energy masters were aware that the chakras, or energy centers, of healthy young people spun faster than those of the ill and elderly.  They also knew that optimally functioning chakras not only must spin rapidly but also in synchronization with nearby energy centers.  As a result, they developed breathing techniques, physical exercise routines and meditations that forced the chakras to whirl faster and in coordination.  This increased chakral velocity and harmony, mimicking the spinning rate and synchronization of a more youthful person, created both more energy and a cleaner, stronger aura, or energy body.   Mystics with the gift of clairvoyance, or the ability to see this energy and the aura, noted the correlation between faster spinning, synchronized chakras and the cleaner, stronger aura they produced, and a person’s physical appearance and energy level. 

What this means is:  The exercises produce youthfulness and longevity.

Now, an incredibly simple energy-boosting, youthfulness-producing routine—based on those exact same ancient esoteric exercises—is being made available by Master Stephen Co, one of the world’s most foremost energy healers and author of the book “Your Hands Can Heal You” (Simon & Schuster/Free Press, 2003).  As a senior disciple and personal student of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, Master Co has travelled the world teaching tens of thousands of people these powerful techniques.  And in his new book, “The Power of Prana” (Sounds True, 2011), Master Co shares an exceptionally rare energy-generating technique that is astonishing in its ability to revitalize, rejuvenate and restore youthfulness to the physical body:  The Nine Energizing Breaths.

The Power of the Nine Energizing Breaths

When I first went to teach Pranic Healing in Chicago, I was informed that there would be a 92-year-old woman attending the class. I was concerned that she might not be strong enough to do all the practices for two full days. Two local workshop organizers laughed and said, 'She can walk around the block faster than most 30-year-olds!' Then they told me the woman's story. Laura Applegren was diagnosed with breast cancer five decades ago. Her doctors in Wisconsin, where she lived at the time, wanted to perform a mastectomy immediately.  She declined. Shortly thereafter she read an ad in a magazine that said, 'Knowledge is power. Come and learn to breathe in the desert.' It was an ad for the Institute of Mentalphysics. Against her husband's wishes, she took a train and 'learned to breathe' in the desert for a week with Edwin J. Dingle. After practicing the exercises for a while, her cancer was completely gone. She continued the exercises for the next 50 years.

I had Laura lead the class on the Nine Energizing Breaths. Most of the class, which was much younger than Laura, couldn't keep up with her pace.

At the time of her passing- in her sleep, peacefully - Laura still had all her teeth, and didn't need glasses or hearing aids.

- Master Stephen Co