MCKS Charitable Foundation

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, modern founder of Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga®, formed a special charitable foundation to enable us to help countless people in need all over the world with our tithes and resources.

Over the years, many students all over the world expressed their desire to give back some small gift of gratitude to GrandMaster Choa for all of the Blessings and priceless teachings that He has shared with us. In response to that desire, GrandMaster Choa presented us with the MCKS Charitable Foundation and its many humanitarian projects. These projects were very important to GrandMaster Choa and they continue to be a labor of love for Pranic Healers Worldwide.


Living Hungry: A short documentary by Cathy Choachuy about some of the struggles and hopes of those in need in the Phillipines.

Your generous donations to the MCKS Charitable Foundation will go toward these humanitarian projects that GrandMaster Choa held dear to His heart:

Caring Heart Foundation, Inc

Promotes health care for the less privileged regardless of age or illness. Medical opportunities are provided to those who cannot undergo treatments for heart ailments, cancer and other diseases. The Foundation is continually searching for more feasible and practical approaches that would provide more comprehensive services to those indigent recipients.

Emergency Disaster Relief

In response to the Tsunami that devastated   various countries in Asia, disaster relief was immediately initiated to help survivors of this    and other such calamities worldwide.

Funds are given to help with medical care, food and water, providing temporary shelter,   rebuilding of homes, and others.

Other Multinational Projects

Additional programs supported by the MCKS Charitable Foundation are: Food & Education for street children, scholarship fund for out of school youths; livelihood programs for poor families; feeding programs & financial assistance for orphans & abandoned children; blood donation to hospitals and others.


Food for the Hungry Programs

This program was started in 2004 by GrandMater Choa Kok Sui out of growing concern for the proper care and nutrition of children. It began with handing out 30,000 meals to those in need in the Philippines. After six years, we have served 6,561,732 meals and counting! Meals are also distributed throughout South America, Asia, Africa and the U.S.


Humanitarian Legal Assistance Foundation

This organization forwards the rights, welfare and wellbeing of persons behind bars, especially those who need special assistance like the sick, elderly & children in conflict with the law as well as working to change obsolete laws and justice systems into appropriate structures that will change or prevent the unnecessary suffering of thousands of lives.

Spreading Pranic Healing in underprivileged areas

Through the World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc. – Pranic Healing foundations have been established in developing countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, India, China, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Iran. In many of these countries, medical services are hard to come by and Pranic Healing is sometimes the only resource people have in alleviating the pain & suffering of loved ones. Pranic Healing courses in these areas are usually for a nominal fee or entirely Free and as a service to these communities.